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We are a full-service, award-winning digital agency providing creative, technical, and mobile solutions for biotech, pharma and medical device companies.


Mobile Apps

Our mobile app development company designs and develops sleek mobile apps for medical device manufacturers, sales reps, eLearning, and more.

3D Animations

Our 3D medical animation is an exciting sales tool for any medical device marketer or sales rep who desires to educate, sale and dazzle their customers.

Creative Services

We create medical media such as mobile apps, trade show displays, 3D animations, medical video production, and more for medical device marketers and their sales reps.

Technical Services

The medical media we produce is backed by robust technical frameworks that infuse all of our projects with reliability, security, and amazingly easy integration.


Our out-of-the-box sales tools and medical mobile apps are designed for medical device industry and their sales reps. Visit SunshineSync™, EtherDCP, and Solofire.

3rd Party Integrations

We can integrate your medical media, 3D medical animation, medical video production, and other assets with most 3rd party applications.

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Let us assess your medical media technical and creative needs and collaborate on new and exciting ways to feature your organization and your products.

About Us

We provide sales tools and medical media that accelerate the transfer of knowledge™, with our 3D animations, trade show displays and medical mobile app development.


Infuse Medical continues its MM&M Awards winning streak for Best Mobile App in the HCPs category.
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Best Medical App

iOS 8 Sales App




We carefully select new staff members and new clients with an eye on developing long-term relationships with fascinating, diverse people who love to teach and learn. We enjoy being a part of the community, participating in local charity events, and always having fun, especially when we’re working hard.


Infuse Medical has been the leading digital agency for the medical device industry since 2007. We work with all of the Fortune 500 medical device companies and with most of the other big ones and lots of the smaller ones too. Each day, we work with our valued clients to create an exciting history for our company’s future.


We’re proud to be one of MM&M’s top 100 agencies. We have created award-winning digital media for pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device manufacturers, and medical marketing agencies of all sizes. In 2012, we won both Gold and Silver for MM&M’s mobile app development category and we were a finalist in 2013 and again in 2014.


Our digital agency covers a unique breadth of both creative and technological services in the medical field, including 3D animations, motion graphics, interactive simulations, mobile applications, app management platforms, e-learning systems, 3rd party integrations, and Wii/Kinect gamification abilities.

Out Of Your
Digital Media


AMS Mobile Sales Apps AMS on the iPad by Infuse Medical
Blood-Flow Animation Animated video explaining blood flow
Charger Catheter App Award-winning medical device sales app
Our Virtual Hospital AR Surgery Walkthrough in Virtual Hospital
Animated Internal Anatomy 3D animation of internal anatomy
Sapiens TCS App Award-winning medical device training app
Arterion App Commercial Video commercial for medical app
Animated da Vinci Surgery Demo Animated demonstration of robotic surgery suite
Equinoxe Sales Targeting App App that helps target device sales efforts
Trident ROI App Sales app that helps demonstrate product value
Scan Jam iPad Game Sales team prep game for device sales team
Our Demo Reel Our own motion graphic demo reel
Spinal Fusion eLearning Course Preoperative planning eLearning course
Capital Equipment Simulation Simulated view of an open-MRI that demonstrates calibration



Thank you again for all your hard, and hurried work on our Hologic projects for RSNA. The animations were a great addition to the exhibit’s “secret rooms” where we discussed and showcased new product developments.

LD, Project Management

I can’t thank you enough for your talent and dedication to this project. Looks like we have made it for our deadline which is truly business critical. We appreciate all you do and your work ethic as you do it.

WL Gore Medical, Marketing Manager

I have used that app a number of times and it has driven many next steps.

Scott H, Hologic-Territory Sales Specialist


Jordan Erickson


Jordan has over 15 years of experience using interactive media for high-end training, marketing, and education applications.

Steve Deverall


Steve has a degree in Visual Art and Design as well as multiple medical, design, and advertising awards stretching back to 1999.

Brook Harker


Brook has worked professionally in Design, Video, 3D Animation, Web, Mobile and interactive development for more than 15 years.

James Norton


James’ 15 years of experience include 3D animation, Video & Motion Graphics for some of the world’s leading marketing & medical companies.


Infuse Medical Wins Gold and Silver at Horizon Interactive Awards!


Infuse Medical, in conjunction with Preston Kelly, recently won 2 Horizon Interactive Awards.


Immersive VR with the Oculus Rift


Image courtesy of Oculus

VR History
Virtual reality is not a new concept. The thought of immersing a person into an alternate digital world has been around for decades. In the 80-90s, one could see depictions of VR in sci-fi movies, television, simulations and even gaming centers where customers would duel to the finish inside a virtual battlefield. For whatever reason, the technology just did not support the vision at the time and we saw a waning of  VR  among the masses for almost 2 decades.

Autodesk’s Imagine Design Create Tour



Infuse Med’s Senior Biomedical Artist/Technical Director, Mike Burgoyne, recently attended Autodesk’s “Imagine Design Create Tour” in Salt Lake City, Utah. Here is his report on the event.


Infuse Media Group Takes Home MM&M Silver Medal for “Best App for Healthcare Professionals”



Infuse wins a Silver Medal for “CATALYST Procedural Simulation Library” mobile app. For three years straight, Infuse’s custom mobile app development projects have won an MM&M award for either gold, silver or both in the “Best App for Healthcare Professionals” category.

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A Worldwide Community of CG Artists


The SIGGRAPH conference is the premier international event on computer graphics and interactive techniques. This year our entire 3D team had the opportunity to trek up to Vancouver to take part in this incredible gathering of talent.

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Infuse Teams Up to Tear Up the Red Rock Relay

Good at Running... GREAT at Fashion!

Good at Running… GREAT at Fashion!

At Infuse we like to play hard when we’re working and work hard when we’re playing. It’s pretty much what makes us great at what we do. We got a lot of hard work and a lot of hard play in at the Zion RedRock Relay 2014.

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What iOS 8 Means For Sales Teams and Their Apps


iOS 8 Medical Device Sales Apps

At Infuse Med, we’re keenly aware of how important mobile tools have become to sales teams and medical device reps. Soon, Apple will unveil new iPhone and iPad models and, with them, a new iteration of their mobile operating system: iOS 8. So what do the medical device marketing and sales industries need to know to stay up to speed with everything iOS 8 has to offer? View Infuse Med’s recently released White Paper to find out everything you need to know about i0S 8!

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Infuse Medical and eLearning Brothers Launch Medical Stock Image Library


infuse-and-elearning brothers

eLearning Brothers and Infuse Medical announce the first library subscription of its kind of Medical Stock Images. This library subscription is the first eLearning-specific library consisting of high resolution, 3D medical imagery.
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Infuse Celebrates Content Visibility With “Crush” Party


Coming off their MM&M finalist win, and positioned to “Crush” the walls of obscurity when it comes to content visibility during the 1:1 sales engagement, Infuse celebrates in their own way… group_jumpMore more

Infuse Makes the Cut as a 2014 MM&M Award Finalist for “Best App for Healthcare Professionals”


2014finalistbutton_621811On June 27, Medical Media & Marketing (MM&M), the leading publication for the healthcare marketing industry, announced the finalists for its prestigious, annual industry awards. In the announcement, Infuse Media Group is named as one of five finalists in the category of “Best App for Healthcare Professionals.” Two of the finalists will now be chosen by a panel of independent judges as the gold and silver medal winners in the category.
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