Infuse Produces 3D Animations for Terumo's Trima Product Line

Terumo BCT came to Infuse with a unique challenge: Their US sales and marketing teams wanted to promote an update to one of their existing product lines; however, most of the updates to their device were difficult to see and appreciate since most of the improvements dealt with the device's inner technology "under the hood" with only minor visible outward changes between the old device and the new one.

In order to address this challenge, the creative team at Infuse produced a series of short, 3D animated vignettes highlighting the inner workings and new features of the updated device. Each vignette worked well as an independent stand-alone animation while also fitting together nicely to tell a complete story about the latest feature updates of the new device.

The 3D animations produced by Infuse were the perfect solution for Terumo and have helped Terumo's sales and marketing teams educate their customers and increase sales of their updated product line. In fact, the 3D animations were so effective that Terumo's Japanese sales and marketing team has asked Infuse to modify the existing 3D animations for their localized markets. This is not only helping Terumo Japan promote their products in their own market, but also increasing the reach of their marketing budget by repurposing the majority of the creative content produced for Terumo US.