Scan Jam iPad Game


Marketing Challenge

Medtronic CRDM is one of the largest divisions at Medtronic with over 2,000 sales representatives. Their sales force is very busy and getting their attention is a constant challenge. Medtronic wanted a fun, educational and engaging way to create excitement for the upcoming US product launch of their second generation MR-conditional pacing system (Advisa MRI).

Target Audience

Sales force for Advisa MRI product

Campaign Objective

Create a game for the sales team of the new Advisa MRI product that builds excitement, leveraging their competitive nature and providing an effective method for training and education as they play.

Creative Strategy

Develop an iPad Application game where the Advisa MRI device appears amid other competitive products and users earn points by selecting the Advisa MRI device while avoiding competitor’s products. In-game, timed Knowledge Tests can add time and points while providing important product training. Scores by sales rep and region are tracked dynamically on a Leader Board and Recognize! Points (internal recognition program) can be earned and redeemed for prizes.


1,330 employees downloaded Scan Jam, or 55% of the Medtronic sales force, with an average play time of just over 7 minutes. During the contest period, the app was opened on average 653 times per day, with a high of 1,326 times on the last day of the contest. Currently it is the #1 most downloaded app on the MDT app store for 2013. All of these stats far exceeded client expectations. Additionally, numerous other business units have heard about the great success of the app and want to customize it for their upcoming product launches.