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Our award-winning work includes creative, technical, and mobile solutions for biotech, pharma and medical device companies.

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3D Medical Animation Studio


Our unique 3D medical animation studio’s techniques are creative and precise, helping professionals in various medical fields, such as medical device sales reps, present their products and ideas with clarity. Our services range from medical 3D animation to producing custom medical device video productions to medical app development. As the top medical media agency, our passion is to create the highest quality digital medial with expertise to make your medical 3D animation project successful. Our 3D medical animation studio provides visual animated productions that effectively demonstrate cellular processes, diseases and treatments, pharmaceutical developments, and medical devices. Talented 3D medical artists sculpt virtual prototypes for simplifying scientific concepts that are too challenging to understand through basic text and photographs.

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Accelerate The Transfer Of Knowledge™ With 3D Animations


One of the most exciting new ways to communicate medical marketing messages is through the targeted use of 3D animation. 3D animation combines a high-end presentation with an otherwise unattainable level of realism, making teaching and selling easier than ever. Infuse Medical has earned a reputation for providing 3D models for medical device manufacturers, 3D animations for medical eLearning programs, and integrated 3D animation for augmented reality simulations, gamification, and marketing videos.


3D Medical Animation Sales Aids & Creative Implementations

By converting your medical 3D animations into various digital sales aids, you get to further propel your medical sales team above their competition. Our medical 3D animations team is ready to capture your target audience with creative implementation of top technology, including any and all of the following:

Digital Sales Aids

  • >Infographics
  • >Tradeshow Banners
  • >Tradeshow Graphics
  • >Medical Gaming / Gamification
  • >Tradeshow Signs
  • >Interactive Attractions

Creative Implementation

  • >HTML 5 animations
  • >Augmented reality design
  • >Device simulation
  • >Motion Graphics
  • >Infographics
  • >Video Production

3D Medical Animation Projects

3D Medical Animations for Sales Reps

Creative 3d Medical Animations

With 3D medical animation, potential customers experience a bird’s-eye view of a virtual human body and experience the product or medical device in 3D form. Sales reps can then showcase the installation, placement, and workings of a medical device, travel with red blood cells along arteries to illustrate circulatory concerns, or along the neurological system to observe impaired versus improved function.

Our 3D medical animation heightens visual discovery available to your medical sales reps by explaining science through a dynamic interactive experience.

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3D Medical Animation for Tradeshows

Creative 3d Medical Animations

Whether you’re promoting a medical device, launching a new product, or teaching a medical procedure, Infuse Medical is eager to help boost your company’s results with a medical 3D Animations customized for your corporate branding and infused with a powerful marketing message. Each well-developed trade show 3d animation is created around a specific marketing message, boosting lead generation, medical sales, and product awareness.

3D Animations for Medical Devices

Medical 3d Animations Studio
Medical Video Application
App Development Medical
3d Medical Animations
Medical Animations 3d
Animations 3d Medical
3d Medical Animations Studio
Medical 3d Animations Studio

For the medical device industry, 3D animation & modeling serves two chief purposes. First of all, 3D medical animations and modeling effectively demonstrates the value of a specific device. By showing the device in simulated use, salesmen can easily communicate key information about a product to people across a wide range of technical expertise. Secondly, 3D animation can be used to realistically demonstrate how medical devices should be used and installed. The best way to learn about a device is to see it in action, and the closest we can get to that is through 3D animation and medical device simulation.

Integrate 3D Animation into Your Digital Marketing Plan

While 3D medical animations can serve as marketing collateral on their own, more often than not, medical 3D animation is a component of each of the various services we provide. That’s the magic of Infuse Medical: we combine and integrate high-end marketing approaches into comprehensive, custom marketing solutions. Combine 3D animation with augmented reality simulation and you can get anything from an interactive surgery training tool to a killer medical trade show attractor. And everything we make looks even better under the hood. Your in-house tech team will love hearing about our CRM integration capabilities our mobile app management framework. Our cutting-edge technology runs behind all of our beautiful, front-end elements wich turns our creative projects into truly powerful marketing solutions for our clients.

whiteboard medical animations

Expert Integrations of Your 3D Medical Animation Assets

Mobile App Platforms

  • iOS
  • Windows
  • Android
  • HTML5
  • Adobe AIR
Mobile App Development

EtherDCP Framework

  • Video App Development
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Remote Video Control
  • User Management & Configurations
  • Easy CRM Integration
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Augmented Reality

  • Oculus VR
  • iPad AR
  • Google Glass
  • Wii
  • Kinect
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ios Medical App Developer


android Medical App Developer


html5Medical App Developer


amazon Medical App Developer

Amazon Web Services

adobe Medical App Developer

Adobe Air

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