"Accelerate the Transfer of Knowledge"

That’s our slogan, and we mean it. It’s our mission and it’s what we do best. We make it easier to share knowledge by designing and developing innovative eLearning tools that empower both teachers and learners, and we take advantage of the newest technologies to tailor our tools to different teaching and learning styles. Whether you want a simple lecture with integrated audio visual elements or a fully immersive, interactive learning simulation, we have the proprietary frameworks and the creative flexibility to design the perfect custom solution for you.

Healing Knowledge for Practitioners and Patients

Studies have shown that one of the very best indicators of the success of medical treatment is whether the patient believes and trusts that his or her practitioners have the necessary knowledge to heal them. That means that one of the most important steps in the healing process is patient education. Infuse Medical has the skills and experience to develop innovative, effective patient education tools for any client need. We apply theories of learning to our projects, ensuring that they achieve the desired learning results for a variety of learners with different learning styles.

eLearning App Development Platforms

Windows Medical App Developer


ios Medical App Developer


android Medical App Developer


html5Medical App Developer


amazon Medical App Developer

Amazon Web Services

adobe Medical App Developer

Adobe Air

3d Medical Animation Studio

Authentic Interactivity for Modern Learning

Interactivity isn’t just a buzzword for us: it’s a reality. We’re not just loading up boring presentations with flashy animations. We’re revolutionizing medical eLearning by fully blending the learning experience with relevant elements of sensory reality. Through augmented reality simulations, 3D models, gamification, and other techniques, we continuously innovate ways to optimize the flow of knowledge from teacher to learner into a frictionless circuit.

Integrated Technical eLearning Elements

  • iPad Augmented Reality
  • Google Glass
  • Edugaming Platforms
  • Wii
  • Kinect
  • Leap Motion

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