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Our medical animation studio recreates surgical procedures and tutors in device mode-of-action to present your medical product, using state-of-the-art medical video production. Our scope is extensive, ranging from medical 3D animation to producing a custom medical device video to medical app development. Our media for medical merges top-notch original artwork with the technical and scientific, including in-house medical expertise, medical writing, and creative artists that are experts in 3D medical animation. As a top medical media agency, our passion is to combine our artistry and technical expertise to make your medical video production a huge success. We partner with you throughout the creative process, culminating in superior productions for our clients within budget and on time.

Clients Currently Using Our Video Production Services

Our award-winning work includes creative, technical, and mobile solutions for biotech, pharma and medical device companies.

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Medical Video Sales Aids & Creative Implementations

Ensure that this year’s trade show display is unique with animated medical videos. Let us make your medical video production effective, multi-functional, enhancing your company’s corporate identity with the newest Digital Sales Aids. Our medical video animation team is ready to capture your target audience with creative implementation of top technology, including any and all of the following:

Digital Sales Aids

  • >Infographics
  • >Tradeshow Banners
  • >Tradeshow Graphics
  • >Medical Gaming / Gamification
  • >Tradeshow Signs
  • >Interactive Attractions


  • >Mobile App Development
  • >Mobile Content & App Management
  • >Medical Gaming / Gamification
  • >Device Simulation
  • >3rd Party Custom Integrations
  • >Cloud-Based Web Services
  • >Programing & Security Facilitation
  • >FDA Approved Medical Device Mobile Apps

Healing Knowledge for Practitioners and Patients

Studies have shown that one of the very best indicators of the success of medical treatment is whether the patient believes and trusts that his or her practitioners have the necessary knowledge to heal them. That means that one of the most important steps in the healing process is patient education. Infuse Medical has the skills and experience to develop innovative, effective patient education tools for any client need. We apply theories of learning to our projects, ensuring that they achieve the desired learning results for a variety of learners with different learning styles.

eLearning App Development Platforms

iPad App Developer Medical

Authentic Interactivity for Modern Learning

Interactivity isn’t just a buzzword for us: it’s a reality. We’re not just loading up boring presentations with flashy animations. We’re revolutionizing medical eLearning by fully blending the learning experience with relevant elements of sensory reality. Through augmented reality simulations, 3D models, gamification, and other techniques, we continuously innovate ways to optimize the flow of knowledge from teacher to learner into a frictionless circuit.

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