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Technical Services

Creativity goes way past pretty colors and clever words. At Infuse Medical, our creativity is never more on display than when we get technical. It may not be as in your face as our fascinating and beautiful 3D models, but our technical acumen is always quietly on display, behind the scenes, rarely seen but always felt. Because of the robust frameworks we develop and perfect, our projects aren’t just something to show off. They actually make you better at your job by making your job easier to do. Here’s just a few of the integrated technical services we offer:

Medical App Development

Custom Mobile App Development and Management

Lots of people can make you an app. We’ll create your custom app and equip you with a fully-loaded app management framework that allows you to easily manage the app’s users and features. Ether DCP is our proprietary mobile framework that facilitates every step in the process of creating, customizing, sharing, and managing custom apps for you and your organization. Modules within Ether DCP let you create and configure an unlimited number of user groups, upload and manage dynamic PDF forms, integrate your app with all necessary 3rd party APIs, and much more. We’ll even set you up with a branded enterprise app store to make distributing your apps easier than ever.

Medical App Development

All the Integration You Can Handle

In today’s specialized marketplace, a new tool doesn’t do you any good if it doesn’t play nice with all of the others. That’s why we make sure that our solutions are easily integrated into your current systems, tools, and platforms. Want your trade show attractor to gather leads and import them directly into Salesforce? Want your sales team’s data updates to be instantly backed up to your cloud server of choice? Want it all? We can make that happen.

Medical App Development
Medical App Development
Medical App Development

eLearning App Development Platforms

Windows Medical App Developer


ios Medical App Developer


android Medical App Developer


html5Medical App Developer


amazon Medical App Developer

Amazon Web Services

adobe Medical App Developer

Adobe Air

Creativity Infused With Technology

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Our award-winning work includes creative, technical, and mobile solutions for biotech, pharma and medical device companies.

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