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Mobile Application Management

Lots of companies can make mobile apps for you, but we’ll outfit you with a comprehensive mobile solution for your specific needs. When we make a mobile app for our clients, we also provide them with all the desired features of our Ether Dynamic Configuration Platform (DCP). Ether DCP is our proprietary framework for building and managing custom mobile apps. Modules and features within Ether give your app unparalleled flexibility, power, and utility.
Medical Mobile App Management

Seven Modules for High-Powered Apps

  1. Build powerful custom apps
  2. Distribute apps in a branded enterprise app store
  3. Manage and configure unlimited user groups
  4. Document info with dynamic PDF forms and signature receipt
  5. Data Sync remotely in real time
  6. Communicate easily with your organization and user groups
  7. Integrate with Salesforce, Air Watch, SAP, and other 3rd-party systems

Easily Distribute Apps with a Branded Enterprise App Store

Once you have a powerful app built with Ether DCP, you’re going to want to make sure everyone in your organization that needs the app can get it. We’ll set you up with your own custom-branded enterprise app store to use to make sure your app can easily be installed and downloaded by approved user groups on all necessary mobile devices. And if your app is for client-use, you’ll love having a high-quality, branded portal that makes it easy for your clients to get access to the apps they need.
Medical Mobile App Management

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